Tips and Tricks for an at Home Spa Night

Light those candles and relax

Schedules can get so busy sometimes and taking care of yourself can seem like to much work. Lets talk about somethings that may help you unwind after a busy week.

At Home Spa Night

This doesn't mean go out and buy all the fancy skincare. Im talking a little routine that you can dedicate a few hours to about once a week. Self-care is so important for a healthy mind and body. Take a few minutes, light some candles, pull out the yoga mat, and meditate for a few minutes. Now that we have got our mind right lets talk skincare! Follow up with your normal skincare routine but maybe this time you can add a mask to make it feel a little more luxurious in the at home setting. To top it off put your favorite essential oil in a diffuser and staying off your phone can help turn your brain off... even if its only for a few minutes! Giving yourself some "me time" isn't the end of the world. Whatever you choose to do, just know your setting yourself up for another successful day!

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